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Wet Painting

AllSpec Finishing - Industrial Painting Since 1992Industrial wet painting is the traditional method of protecting and aesthetically enhancing components, structures and fabrications.  Materials that are treated by a wet paint process include steel, aluminum, and iron, along with plastics. AllSpec Finishing's wet paint services have proven effective and with consistent high-quality results.

Utilizing enamel, two-part epoxy paints and polyurethane or multicomponent finishes, AllSpec Finishing typically executes a process based on standard specification or proprietary customer specifications.

Why choose AllSpec Finishing for your wet painting needs?

  • We maintain strict adherence to your standards and specifications.
  • We have the industry experience to make recommendations to your team throughout the process.
  • Our wet painting booth's can accomodate large items.
  • Our state-of-the-art dual batch drying ovens speed up project delivery time.
  • E.M.I & R.F.I. Shielding: Provides for electrical conductivity or shielding on non-metallic parts.
  • Filling: For filling depressions or voids in parts where necessary before coating.

AllSpec Finishing can also apply corrosion and anti-skid paints for various aerospace and marine applications. From dielectric to wet painting parts of different configurations, AllSpec Finishings' proven process-control inspections ensure the high level of quality to consistently deliver on their wet painting process.

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Choose AllSpec Finishing For All Your Wet Painting Needs

Proven process-control inspections ensure the high level of quality AllSpec Finishing consistently delivers on their wet painting process.  Click here to get a free, no obligation online quote from All Spec Finishing.