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AllSpec Finishing works with a variety of quality plating vendors to offer a variety of commercial plating applications to a wide range of industries.  The Company is well known for its superior workmanship and fast turn around times regardless of the size of the plating batch. AllSpec Finishing offers metal plating services which can utilize nickel, silver, copper, and tin. The many industries we service includes metal plating  for the medical, electrical, and military industries to name a few.

Why Choose Electroplating?

There are many reasons for using electroplating just as there are many metals to plate with. One reason is that it makes the plated part last decades longer than unplated parts . A plated part gets protection from wear as well as from rust and corrosion. Another reason for choosing electroplating is the asthetic aspect.

Choose AllSpec Finishing for all your plating needs

Proven process-control inspections ensure the high level of quality AllSpec Finishing consistently delivers on their electroplating process.  Click here to get a free, no obligation online quote from All Spec Finishing.